Echoes of Destiny

Jarzen Tadel
Echoes of Destiny — Book 3

Jarzen awakens aboard a crashed space ship; with no memory of who he is; or of what he is capable of doing. Jarzen is among four perfect specimens who are obviously from a different race. They are all more than a galactic foot taller than Jarzen and twice his mass in stature. Together, they set out on foot in a primitive world where bows, arrows, spears, swords, and hatchets are the weapons of the era. It doesn’t take Jarzen long to involve himself in defending the weak against the evil of the day. Unbeknown to Jarzen he has gone ahead in time fifteen hundred years to planet, which is just starting over after a terrible civil war, which destroyed the planets civilizations; talking them back to just beyond their stone age. Can Jarzen regain his memory, save the planet, and get back to his own time and home planet?

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