Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Robert Leon Jacobi, Jr.
My friends call me Bob.

I am a retired Hotel General Manager, CHA (Certified Hotel Administrator) and a life-long fan of Science Fiction. I spent two years developing the Jarzen Tadel Series and the past forty-two years working in the Hospitality Industry. I am also the author of the self-published book - The Common Sense Approach to Management, 1990 - now available wherever eBooks are sold.

I have an amazing wife, two grown children, and four wonderful grandsons. I live in the state of Florida at a secret location within a forest, and I now write books.   . . . I liked Science Fiction so much that I decided to add my own flavor of Science Fiction to the genre. My full-length novels are a great blend of Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Intrigue, with a back drop of intergalactic war.  . . . Something for every reader and best of all; my books are ‘Real’ page-turners.

I am entrepreneur, an inventor, and most of all a story teller using the written word. After loving my wife and family; nothing makes me happier than story telling in the written word.